See Great Pictures, Videos and Reviews of Landmarks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has some great sights to see, come check out photos and videos of popular Las Vegas landmarks and read descriptive articles about monuments, religious landmarks, natural sites, and buildings in Las Vegas.


Natural Landmarks in Las Vegas; What Lies Outside the Strip?

When visiting Las Vegas most people think about gambling casinos, dance shows, and large buffets but There are some interesting natural landmarks in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. It may take a little driving to get to them but it is certainly worth the trip to see one of these Las Vegas...

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Las Vegas Religious Landmarks; Artistic Replicas and Breathtaking Architecture

Religious Landmarks in Las Vegas Officially declared a city around 1911, the city of Las Vegas can still be considered by many as a fairly new town. Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world, Sin City, The City of Luck – a tourist’s “free-for-all”...

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Bridges of Las Vegas

According to historical documents the first bridge in Nevada was built in 1853 over the Carson River. It was built by Colonel John Reese and Israel Mott on the California Trail in Carson Canyon. In the same year Colonel John Reese also built the first toll bridge in Nevada once more over the Carson...

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Top 5 Historical Buildings in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that likes to tear down the old buildings and create a new city every few years. It’s amazing that anything old is left, but fortunately some marvelous landmarks have been left untouched. These are some of the few interesting historical buildings in Las Vegas that are still...

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Visit Las Vegas’ Stellar Monuments

Las Vegas is known as Sin City for a number of reasons. However, past the glitz, glamor and gambling Las Vegas is the perfect destination for people of any age and demographic. Throughout the city there’s a number of monuments that showcase just how entertaining the city is. Most monuments are...

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